How FarmBand animals are raised

Everybody loves to hear the story of how FarmBand animals are made. At the farm, they are raised, and cared for until they’re ready to set out into the world to find new friends and have great adventures – with you!

The initial seed of inspiration - leon the lion was born on the pavement of a nearby playground.




FarmBand animals come from all walks of life – Leon the Lion – literally came from a sidewalk!





Leon in his playpen



Once the initial seed of inspiration has been planted for a character, each animal is then hand painted on a small 5 x 5 canvas – we call it the play pen!




Leon the Lion in powerful digital form



From there, the animals are brought to our digital department which turns the hand paintings into sleek and versatile digital images.





Lion is ready to see the world!


From there, the animals are then embroidered onto their very own uniquely colored band. Once the colors and animals are complete, they have been raised – they are ready to go out into the world!